Rhode Island Carpet Installation

carpet installationCarpet is the most popular flooring choice for good reason - it is versatile, it's comfortable and warm, offers many options, and is affordable.

Carpet can be used over a variety of surfaces and different grade levels, even uneven concrete basements.

Soft and pleasant under feet, carpet provides a safe, warm, and durable surface that you can enjoy for many years.

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Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and piles (i.e. plush, berber, cut pile, loop pile, saxony, frieze), carpet can be a stunning accent for your home.

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How To Choose A Good RI Carpet Installer?

  1. Is the RI contractor licensed and insured?

    Only hire businesses that are insured and licensed by the state.

    Always ask to see both, the license and insurance.

    You can do a search for the license here.

  2. How quickly can the installer start the job?

    Most carpet installations should not take more than a couple of weeks to be initiated.

    Most competent companies will finish a regular house in one day, at most, two.

  3. Does the carpet installer have good reviews?

    First, check online for reviews and testimonials - use sites like yelp, Google, Home Advisor.

    Ask for references that you can call also.

  4. Is the installer very familiar with all aspects of the product and installation?

    Ask many questions to get a feeling for the installers knowledge.

  5. Is a warranty offered?

    The installer should provide you with a warranty covering the installation and product.

    The installation is usually covered from one year.


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Taking Care of Your Carpets

It goes without saying that keeping your carpets clean goes a long way in making them last.

If they are already very soiled, a good carpet cleaning may be in order to bring them back to an almost new condition.

Once they've been professionally cleaned, you'll have many more years of use out of them.

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