Rhode Island Hardwood Floor Installation

hardwood floorsIf you are looking for tradition, quality and luxury, nothing compares to the beauty of wood grain found in hardwood floors.

Due to the latest technologies, today’s wood floors combine durability, traditional style, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Over recent years, hardwood has increased in popularity with many families due to its affordability and many desired features.

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The price of hardwood floors will vary depending on many factors, for example:

  • The quality of the hardwood flooring you choose
  • The area to be covered
  • The condition of the existing floor


We are often asked, what's the average pricing for solid hardwood flooring?

It's tough to give a an exact price, but on average it ranges from $2 to $5 per square foot for unfinished domestic hardwoods.

Imported and exotic hardwoods are priced higher, and can cost as anywhere from $4 to $12 per sq. foot.


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Types Of Hardwoods

Oak, Maple, Walnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Ash, Bamboo, Pine, Mahogany, Rosewood, Birch, Acacia

Common Hardwood Floor Brands

Ancestral Floors, Anderson Hardwood Floors, ARK, BSL Canada, EarthWerks Wood Floors, HALLMARK, Lauzon Hardwood Floors, Somerset Floors, Teragren Wood Floors.

Flooring Trends

The latest trend in flooring is to imitate the look of hardwoods with other materials.

Wood-look tile and vinyl planks comes to mind. These materials may look like wood, but the feel and warmth of wood will never be matched.


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